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MondayMorning is a weekly electronic newsletter providing a digest of breaking news that has a significant economic impact on the healthcare industry. A must for all top decision-makers and information managers, the service was founded in 1991, and weekly briefings contain approximately 30 articles spanning a wide range of news categories including economic, business, financial markets, scientific, clinical, technological, legal, legislative, and regulatory -- both in the U.S. and internationally. All industry sectors are covered by our editors, including pharmaceutical and biotechnology, medical device manufacturers, healthcare providers and HMOs, and healthcare financing authorities. Typical developments captured in each briefing are vital FDA and ECU action, late-breaking legislative and regulatory news, mergers and acquisitions, significant swings in stock prices, initial public offerings, crucial federal and state court decisions, advances in science and technology, and changes in the financing of healthcare.

Editors With Unparalleled Experience

What makes MondayMorning unique is that its news summaries furnish not just a synopsis of the facts behind a particular development, but its economic significance and impact in the opinion of the newsletter's experienced editors. The staff is headed by founder and executive editor, Steve Walker. A lawyer and CPA, Steve brings over 35 years of diversified professional experience to the MondayMorning editorial and content-development process. Steve was previously a vice president with the Healthcare Investment Banking Division of Merrill Lynch. He was also with the healthcare consulting division of an international accounting firm and a large health law firm. Steve began his career in healthcare in 1970 with the Internal Revenue Service.

Our News Sources

The weekly issues of MondayMorning are derived from stories our editors are following, from press releases, news-wire services such as Dow Jones, Bloomberg and Associated Press, and a wide range of healthcare/medical, legal and financial journals such as JAMA, the New England Journal of Medicine, the Lancet, Nature, etc. The searchable archive contains over 1,000 issues which comprise a database available only by license.

Our Clientele

The MondayMorning service is designed to offer information solutions to business professionals, and academic and trade researchers. The service is used by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies; hospitals, healthcare systems and HMOs; medical-device companies; clinical and law-firm practices; medical and business schools; legislative and regulatory agencies, and academic and public libraries.

NEW! MondayMorning Archive Now Searchable

Every word in every available issue comprising the MondayMorning archive is now fully searchable, including over 30,000 articles summarizing crucial, breaking news. A subscription to the MondayMorning service allows users to search the entire database for any word or combination of words, and to view up to a paragraph of text around each "hit." Search results are presented on a results map, allowing users to see the article's title, the date of the issue, and all of the "hits" with a limited display of text. The service allows users to click on a particular issue then jump to the first "hit" where the full text of an article containing the "hit" is displayed. The article may then be read, downloaded, copied and/or printed at the user's discretion.

Weekly issues of MondayMorning are published throughout the year except Memorial Day, the last two weeks of August, and Christmas. Please visit our subscription information page for details on pricing of the service.

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